MEDUS – for successful studies

MEDUS stands for "Mit Erfolg durchs Studium" and means "For successful studies". The project is sponsored by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). It shall help to increase the welcoming culture at the University of Wismar and to improve the study atmosphere for international students.


Our tutors help international students with problems in studies and everyday life in Germany. They help students to prepare for exams and explain technical terminology. Due to their experience as students at the university of Wismar they can help you with all various sorts of problems that may occur during the course of your studies at Wismar campus. You can register toMEDUS at Stud.IP and send them your query.


    International Office
    Hochschule Wismar
    PF 1210
    D – 23952 Wismar
    Fax: +49 3841 753-74 44

    Lena Daum

    Hello, I'm Lena and I'm studying mechanical engineering (bachelor). I'm working as a tutor for MEDUS to support international students. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to contact me.

    Nabil Abdessalem

    Hello, I'm studying mechanical engineering (bachelor). I'm from Tunisia and I will do my best to support you during your studies. I'm sure that we will learn a lot from each other and will have lots of fun together.

    Pia Mohring

    Hello, my name is Pia. I'm studying architecture (master). Upon my personal experience abroad I know how important a local contact person is. I like to be your contact person as a tutor in Wismar. I will lend you an ear for every problem.

    Philipp Böhme

    Hello, I’m studying constructional engineering (Bachelor). I’m a tutor for International Office since 2016 and help international students with their studies. I’m looking forward to meet other people. Send me a message at Stud.IP.

    Janina Hoeke

    Hello, my name is Janina and I'm studying business (bachelor). I'm working as a tutor for MEDUS because I like to meet new people and I want to support international students. If you have questions or problems I will lend you an ear.

    Interesting Links

    MEDUS at Stud.IP

    You can join MEDUS at Stud.IP. There you can send messages to our tutors and your fellow students. You will receive information about upcoming tutorials and latest news.

    Sprachcafé (language exchange meeting)

    If you want to practice more German or another language, you can meet German and other international students at Sprachcafé. It is organized by AStA (students' union executive committee). Join "Sprachcafe (HS Wismar)" on Facebook and get to know when the next event starts.

    Buddy program

    If you want to get to know German culture better, you might join the buddy program. The program matches up German and international students with same interests. It is organized by AStA (students' union executive committee). Visit "AStA Hochschule Wismar" on Facebook and tell them you want to be a buddy or write an e-mail to

    Here you'll find some tutorial videos about the IT Services of the University of Wismar.