Hygiene Plan Coronavirus


In accordance with this Hygiene Plan, teaching will take place both on site, as well as in digital formats. The exact details regarding the mix of formats, the planning and realisation are determined by the faculties who are responsible for the academic matters.

Keeping a distance of 1.5m to others, wearing face masks and the observance of the RKI’s hygiene principles form the basic protection for the entire on-site operations during the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, by opting to use the Corona-Warn-App, a national warning system is integrated into daily life at the University.

Direct contact between individuals must be kept to a minimum, as long as this still allows the completion of the required activities and tasks. The aim is still to keep the number of persons on campus and the duration of their stay on the premises to a minimum. If possible, decision-making processes and advisory sessions should continue to be held over the phone or using digital formats. Normal work procedures in the administration and central facilities are to be gradually reopened to the public.

Members of teaching staff and persons responsible for classes/courses are demanded to register the participants at each event and to store these lists for four weeks before destroy-ing them, in order to enable the successful tracing of persons who have been in contact with confirmed cases of COVID-19. The participants must be urged to observe the self-distancing and hygiene regulations immediately prior to and after the end of the clas-ses/courses.

A set of guidelines has been created for events that must be held on site, but are not related to teaching and examinations. These guidelines should make it possible to gradually reintroduce such events. The organisers of the events must make a responsible decision on whether it is necessary to hold the event on site. If events are planned to be held on site, the organisers of the events are responsible for making sure the guidelines are observed.

UAS Wismar has extended its Hygiene Plan for the protection of members of teaching staff and students, as well as further members of staff at all of its campuses, for winter semester 2020/21 on the basis of the decrees issued by the Ministry of Education on 10/7, 6/8, 28/8, and 14/9/2020. The protection of health will continue to be priority number 1. The COVID-19 Hygiene Plan defines important principles pursuant to § 36 in connection with § 33 Infektionschutzgesetz - IfSG (Protection Against Infection Act). The main body describes the principles for ensuring a hygienic environment that shall maintain the health of mem-bers of the university community. Special guidelines and resulting information, as well as individual hygiene concepts, e.g. for events, have been defined in appendices that are con-tinuously amended and updated.
Furthermore, all members of the university community at UAS Wismar are obliged to careful-ly observe the hygiene information issued by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).


Entry into Force

The Hygiene Plan entered into force at UAS Wismar as an official instruction on 30/09/2020.

The Public Health Offices have agreed to this Hygiene Plan.
Public Health Office of the District Nordwestmecklenburg: 1. Approval on 30/09/2020
Public Health Office of the Hanseatic City of Rostock: 1. Approval on 02/10/2020
A copy was provided for information purposes to the Ministry of Education’s Crisis Team: 30/09/2020

The Rector