Learning platforms

Since many years, learning platforms have been used to organise everyday student life and to make e-learning courses available. We are happy to support you in using the platforms for modern teaching and study administration. That's why, in addition to support, we also offer training courses on how to use Stud.IP and ILIAS.

Manage courses with Stud.IP

Stud.IP serves the administration of courses and is an indispensable part of everyday student life for students and lecturers. The learning platform offers a wide range of functions, including virtual classrooms, tools for interaction in the lecture hall, for finding appointments as well as tests for self-checking. In order to advance the further development of the open source software, we participate in the active developer community beyond pure use.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in our video tutorials.

E-learning with ILIAS

ILIAS is used by the university as a central e-learning platform. Teachers can store individual learning modules as well as complete lecture contents here. Students can access these modules independent of location and time, working through the content on their own responsibility. Added value is also provided by integrated tools such as tests for self-checking and wikis for collaborative writing.

Features in comparison


Feature Stud.IP ILIAS
course management limited (courses grant system for participants and grades)
learning progress recording limited (courseware, learning module plugin, VIPS)
teaching evaluation (Evasys)


Feature Stud.IP ILIAS
self-tests limited (VIPS)
integration of video/audio limited (courseware via weblinks)
show mathematical expressions
mathematical question types
learning modules (HTML, SCORM, ILIAS) limited (HTML learning modules)
collaborative work (wikis, folders)
implementation of an e-exam
adaptive self-study courses limited