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Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Management Program - Courses taught in English at Hochschule Wismar

The International Class puts an interdisciplinary focus on developing soft skills and entrepreneurial competences. It is open to students of all study fields. The detailed informtion can be found under Course descriptions. All of the teaching is conducted in English.

During one term, international visiting students can exchange their views and experience, among other things, regarding intercultural problems in international management, they can initiate a joint practical project, discuss legal issues, compete in business simulation games, and obtain an understanding of the peculiarities of their host country in the German course. As a rule, each course in the International Class lasts 4 hours per week during one term / 5 ECTS.



Welcome to the International Class of the Hochschule Wismar!

Our vision at the University of Wismar is to encourage encounter and exchanges between German and international visiting students. We are convinced that everybody involved must benefit from international co-operation and student exchange. For this reason we offer an international study programme which aims for academic excellence and the exchange of ideas across national borders.

We are aware that a unique European higher education area is not a reality yet. Nevertheless, we are determined to open our university to international students, to encourage cross-border co-operation and personal contact.

We look forward to seeing you here in Wismar soon.

If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to contact me.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Bücker

Coordinator of the International Class


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