Hochschule Wismar Philipp-Müller-Straße
PF 1210
23952 Wismar
Phone: 03841 / 7530
Fax : 03841 / 753 383
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For some, traveling to Wismar will be a journey half way round the world, for others, just a short trip. The first few days in Wismar, however, will be new territory for everyone.  Here you’ll find some orientation for your student life in Wismar.

First steps

  • Traveling to Wismar
    Check out our travelling directions to Wismar, Rostock/Warnemünde and Malchow.

    If possible, avoid arriving on a weekend (Saturday/Sunday) or a public holiday. If you arrive in the evening, after stores are closed (later than 8 p.m.), you can get food at a petrol station or fast food restaurants. Youth hostels (Jugendherbergen) and many small guest houses (Pensionen) in town offer affordable accommodation for your first night’s stay.

  • International Office
    The first thing for you to do after your arriving in Wismar should be to contact the International Office. Please take note of the opening hours! Here you will receive all further information, forms and documents.

  • Orientation and Introduction Week
    The semester starts with an introduction week for all foreign students. This programme will make you familiar with the campus and student life, formalities and organization. For you, it is a good opportunity to meet other students and enjoy your first days together.

  • Matriculation
    Once you have collected all of the required documents, take these to the International Office. There you will be officially registered as a student of the University of Wismar and get your Student Identity Card (Studentenausweis).

Student guide & Check list

Living & studying in Wismar or Rostock/Warnemünde - download our

Guide for studentsCheck list for study visit