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TitleWismar & the surroundings
Date25.05.2017 - 15:03h

Wismar & the surroundings

Wismar is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. It is here that old architectural structures in brickwork of the Hanseatic town meet contemporary design, incorporated in harmonious fashion.  A backdrop symptomatically embodying the spirit of the town.

Wherever you are, you can sense the manner in which tradition and the spirit of the time come together as one.  Wismar is a vibrant and bustling town whose liveliness is also contributed to, not least, by the students of the University, who leave their mark here and provide fresh impetus. This is the distinguishing feature of a Hanseatic town: the ability to preserve established structures and to be receptive to new things. 

Town & people

Wismar is located right by the Baltic Sea in the northwesterly corner of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. In addition to its certificate as a world cultural heritage site of UNESCO, the harbour town also boasts good infrastructure. This means favourably priced accommodation amongst a shopping zone, brick churches and the Campus. Besides cosy cafés, Wismar also offers opportunities for cinema, student pubs, water sports and much, much more – a maritime atmosphere with great scope for creativity, exchange and discussion.

Recreation & sport

Sport, music, art, culture, parties and festivals. Wismar may not be a metropolis, but it certainly offers a wide and colourful range of possibilties for making meaningful use of your leisure time, depending on your preferences.