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Campus shop

The Campus Collection offers University design in various formats:

  • T-Shirts
  • Polo Shirts
  • Hooded Sweatshirts
  • Mugs, beer glasses, bottle opener
  • e.t.c.

Location: House 1 / Entrance Hall

Opening times: usually 07:00 - 19:00 clock

Central Workshop

At the University of Wismar, scientific research goes hand in hand with practicability. This is demonstrated in the tasks set in the seminars and courses. The Central Workshop lends it support to students, students working on their dissertations,
interns, professors and members of staff in the making of models, prototypes, laboratory equipment and presentations. There is a mechanical and an electronic workshop available for this purpose with employees who are alway willing to be of assistance.

Coordination Agency - Family-friendly University

The achievements of the students and employees of our University with children are incredible. They have the potential so urgently required in the world of science and business.

The Coordination Agency – Family-friendly University is the first port of call when it comes to achieving a work-study-family balance on the Campus. The Agency strives to provide a continual improvement and development process on the Campus to enable the balancing act between studying, working and family-related tasks to succeed at our University.

The University of Wismar has been audited as a family-friendly institution since 2004, and can already demonstrate numerous improvements in successfully combining courses of study/work and the family. These improvements range from a personal advisory service, child-care facilities close to the Campus, baby-changing rooms and mobile toy boxes through to events for the whole family.

Department of Research & Innovation

The number of our research activities and collaboration partners – both national and international – is continually growing. This also has a positive impact on the structural diversity of the teaching and research facilities. The Department of Research & Innovation supports the technical expertise and the dedication of the active research staff at the University of Wismar in targeted fashion in the following areas:

  • Information on current tendering procedures concerning the sponsorship programmes
  • Advice on / support in the filing of applications
  • Support in looking for partners and the establishment of consortia
  • Events on promoting research

The Vice-rector for Research and Teaching, the research staff of the Department, the Senate Panel for Research and the Forschungs-GmbH (research company owned and run by the University of Wismar) all do their utmost to create the necessary basic conditions for these activities.


Hochschul GmbHs

The two daughter companies of the University of Wismar provide additional services in the areas of distance learning and research assistance:

International Graduation Services GmbH – abbreviated to: WINGS
WINGS is responsible for the implementation of distance study degree courses. It organises both distance study degree courses for people wishing to pursue a course of study in conjunction with working in a full-time job and certified further training courses in the areas of business, technology and design. WINGS provides every student of the University of Wismar, who is enrolled on one of these degree courses or who takes part in such a further training programme, with extensive support and guidance in accordance with the specific requirements in each case.

WINGS - Wismar International Graduation Services GmbH – is a 100-percent daughter company of the University of Wismar.  It was established on 1st April 2004 and emerged from the former Distance Learning and Further Education Centre, which had been in operation since 1952. WINGS has earned itself a place among the leading state providers of distance study degree courses in Germany.  


Forschungs-GmbH Wismar – Research company owned and run by the University of Wismar
Forschungs-GmbH Wismar is a service company operating in the area of research and development. It was set up in 2002 as a 100-percent daughter company of the University of Wismar.

In addition to contract research activities, Forschungs-GmbH Wismar also provides a comprehensive package of services connected with actual research among its areas of expertise. This includes project management, advice on sponsorships, research marketing, the organisation of national and international events as well as the provision of service and information.

Besides its own qualified and highly motivated members of staff, Forschungs-GmbH can also avail itself of the state-of-the-art facilities and the know-how of the professors and scientists of the University of Wismar in the processing of R&D projects in the areas of technology, business and design. If required, the company can also make use of the know-how available at the nearby research institutes within Technologie- und Forschungszentrum Wismar (Wismar Technology and Research Centre).


International Office

The International Office is the overseas port of our University so to speak.  It is the point of departure for students, tutors and employees heading out into the world through a wide variety of exchange programmes with our partner universities. Conversely, we are the first port of call for those wishing to come to us as a student, tutor or member of staff from our partner universities.

The atmosphere on the Campus is international in character. Nevertheless, you will not have any difficulty learning German during your time with us. We are not a university for the masses. Everyday life at the University will provide you with ample opportunities for interpersonal interaction on all levels.

Incoming students

Staff exchange

Korinna Stubbe
Head / Coordination Student Exchange: Outgoing
Haus 21, room 111
Tel.: 0049 3841 753-240
Email: korinna.stubbe@hs-wismar.de

Narangerel Tsendbaatar
Coordination Student Exchange: Incoming
Tel.: 0049 3841 753-390
Email: nara@hs-wismar.de

IT Centre

Sitting out on the green grass with your laptop, studying online? Wherever your favourite place may be – you have access to the Internet anywhere on the Campus. This access is ensured by the IT Centre, which also provides the remaining IT support of the University to its members of staff and the students. The service also extends to the provision of support in the case of video conferences and student projects with multimedia connections as well as special ranges of software for students. 

One particular feature of this available equipment concerns the Produktionsstudio für E-Learning Anwendungen (Production studio for e-learning applications), since degree courses in Wismar consist of a combination of on-site teaching sessions and online modules. In other words, learning wherever you are.

Public Relations

The members of staff  in the Public Relations Department are always on the ball in their efforts to disseminate information in a targeted and appropriate fashion from the “inside” to the “outside”, and, of course, vice versa and likewise within the University itself.

In addition to maintaining media contacts and the documentation of the articles, the Department is also responsible, among other things, for the editing and design of information material. Upon request, the members of staff will compile information packages tailored to your interests – depending on availability, in two languages or as an English version.

This Department can also be contacted for support in the organisation of events.

Kerstin Baldauf
Tel: 0049 3841 753-7221
Mobile: 0049 178 28 05 123
Email: pressestelle@remove-this.hs-wismar.de

University Language Centre

Each new language opens up a new window to the world …

The University Language Centre offers language courses for beginners, advanced students and near native speaker level. These courses range from compulsory teaching sessions to faculty and subject-related tutorials or courses for business purposes.

Languages: English, French, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch

Students can view the current range of courses on offer via the in-house Stud-IP.

University Library

A collection of text books, an open-access library, and store-room provide you with access to an extensive range of specialised media – in both analogue and digital form. Should you require something which is not available here, we will gladly order it through our worldwide inter-library lending association. If desired, we will also assist you in your research activities. You can then concentrate fully on the contents of your selected media in the open and friendly atmosphere of the reading room or in the rooms set aside for group work.

Library website

University Sports Centre

We are a certified partner university of top-level sport. In this capacity, we offer the necessary basic conditions in order to successfully combine a course of study with professional sport. The athletes receive personal guidance from staff at the Office of Student and Academic Affairs

Those who would rather let off some steam in a more casual manner after a day of study will find a wide range of sports courses on the Campus, there is a sauna and water park right next door and, last but by no means least: Wind and waves just a stone’s throw away. 

Sports programme